Dauphin jouant avec un sac plastique !

Check out @mermaid_kayleigh trying to coax some plastic bags away from a few dolphins while being careful not to disturb the other members of their resting pod. We had to regram this clip from our friends @keiko_conservation as it showcases what can happen when trash like plastic bags reach the ocean. From there it can easily harm or kill marine life. Pick it up. Bin it. #take3forthesea

A paradise choked with plastic

She told Daily Mail the thing that shocked her most about Midway Atoll was the juxtaposition between the white sands and turquoise water and birds being choked by plastic. Angela Sun calls herself an ‘accidental activist’. But faced with an immeasurable amount of plastic in one of the world’s most remote locations, it’s not hard to see how a visit to the area known as the ‘great Pacific garbage patch’ had an impact on the U.S journalist. Ms Sun travelled to Midway Atoll – an island in the centre of the Pacific Ocean – to look at the detrimental effects Lire la suite →

Nettoyage des berges d’Andrésy

Bonne Année à toutes et à tous !! 1èr nettoyage des berges d’Andrésy prévu le Dimanche 22/01 à 15h Place St Exupéry. Nous aurons besoin de volontaires, courageux et motivés pour ramasser les déchets et redonner une belle allure aux berges ! Si l’idée vous plait, venez nous aider avec vos gants ! Merci. Isa